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Crytek Shows Off iPhone Game With iOS 7 Controller Support



Last week at WWDC Crytek, developers of Crysis and the CryEngine that powers it, showed off a new iPhone game using the upcoming Made For iPhone controllers according to a report from 9To5Mac.

Crytek Budapest showed off the game, currently called The Collectibles during a WWDC session that presumably focused on the new Made For iPhone controllers. The team was able to build support for the controllers into the unannounced tactical strategy game in time for the session, hinting that it’s either easy to incorporate into games, or the company had advanced knowledge of the feature.


The controller used during the session looks very similar to the Logitech Made For iPhone controller that recently leaked. The controller fit snugly around the iPhone 5 used to show off the game adding a d-pad and face buttons to the smartphone.

The Collectibles is the second iOS game from Crytek, but the first with the military theme the company’s Crysis franchise is known for. The game as shown puts players in control of a squad of five soldiers in a war-torn tropical setting. Players can control their squad using the touchscreen to guide them through the environment.

Players can also easily switch to using the Made For iPhone controller to select and move their entire group of soldiers. The face buttons can issue specific commands to the soldiers. One button, for example, can send the entire squad behind the closest cover they can find to protect them in a firefight.

The controller can also help players take control of different units. For example, players can use the touchscreen to control their group of soldiers on the ground while controlling a nearby gunship with the controller. The example sounds complicated when described, but may seem easy when actually playing the game.

Crytek’s The Collectibles will likely come to the iPhone sometime later this year, presumably around the same time as iOS 7 with its new controller support. The game may have a different name when it reaches the App Store, however.

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