CTL 2goPad SL10 Pro Offers HP Slate 500 Some Competition

The CTL 2goPad SL10 is a full Windows 7 slate that utilizes an Intel Atom processor and a capacitive 10-inch touchscreen display. Liliputing notes that “it’s one of the better Atom-powered Windows tablets I’ve used,” although it can be sluggish at times. The base model sells for $549 while the Pro model sells for $799, about the cost of the HP Slate 500, but adds in a number of accessories and 3G mobile broadband, a feature that the HP tablet lacks.

For the Pro model, you’ll get Windows 7 Professional as well as a capacitive touchscreen stylus, which isn’t as accurate as the active digitizer pen utilized on the HP Slate, but you’ll also get a Bluetooth keyboard as well as integrated 3G. Also, the Pro model will come with 2 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD drive.

Connectivity to the device could be done via WiFi b/g/n, or through the 2 USB ports or SD card reader.

Via: Liliputing