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Custom Madden 16 Covers For Your Favorite Team



Odell Beckham Jr. is talented, but the odds are good he isn’t the favorite player of everyone who plans to buy Madden 16 this fall. A new series of insanely detailed custom Madden 16 covers allow users to see what their team and superstar would look like on the cover of Madden 16.

This is a dream come true for many fans and teams, especially Miami Dolphins fans who likely have a much longer wait to see Tannehill on the cover of Madden. This coming from a huge Miami fan.

Matt Steller, a freelance graphic artist, completed an incredible array of custom Madden 16 covers that include all the teams in the NFL, with multiple superstars as cover options. He produced covers for Madden 16 on PS4 and Xbox One, so you can save your favorite.

[contextly_sidebar id=”Ln2Ut1OMQGAa3mvVe3eFnY2tSEKCqQOA”]Steller is not affiliated with EA Sports or Madden 16. This is a project of love that includes an astonishing amount of detail and a wide range of options. You can check out the covers on the Steller Covers Twitter account and on Instagram.

With a little trial and error you can print out your own custom Madden 16 cover with your favorite team and your favorite player. Some teams get star treatment with added cover options for multiple top tier players.

Some players even make multiple appearances in the lineup of fan favorite Madden 16 covers. Here is a sampling of some of the best Madden 16 covers we found from Steller Covers.

The NFL featured a gallery of the these custom Madden 16 covers, but it is no longer online so you will need to follow StellerCovers on Twitter to find your favorite.

Once you get the Madden 16 cover you want for your game, you can save it to your computer and then print it out to slide into the case when Madden 16 arrives next month. You’ll need to resize the photo or change the print size so that it will fit in the Xbox One or PS4 case, but with a little trial and error you will be good to go.

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The Madden 16 release date is August 26th and with EA Access Xbox One players can start playing Madden five days early. We expect that the early access will include at least five hours of early play, but there is hope that it will be longer this year thanks to a long PGA Tour demo.

EA aims to deliver increased realism in Madden 16 with many new features focusing on delivering new options for throwing and catching that allow players more control over the outcome of each play. Be sure to check out the new Madden 16 features to see what is coming this year.

Madden 16: 7 Things EA Needs to Fix

Interceptions & Turnovers

Interceptions & Turnovers

EA Sports needs to deliver a better mix of turnovers and interceptions in Madden 16. While playing hours of Madden 15 the number of unexplainable interceptions and other turnovers was too high. Some games it was impossible to make a single throw without an interception while playing. We also ran into our fair share of fumbles where the player literally turned and tossed the ball back and away with no one around.

There is hope that EA heard our complaints and plans to fix this in Madden 16. With a combination of Touch Control Passing and new receiver and defender Controls we are hopeful that EA fixed the randomness of interceptions, and adds some skill to both sides of the passing game.

We know that interceptions happen and that we will fumble at key moments, but Madden 16 can do a better job of normalizing the occurrence of turnovers and putting more control in the hands of the player.



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