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Custom Molded Wireless Headphones Offer a Perfect Fit



Normally custom molded headphones require a trip to an audiologist and come at a price that can make your wallet cry. That’s no longer the case with options to make your own molded headphones at home.

Decibullz delivered a change to this market with custom molded earphones that you make at home for $99 last year and they company is kicking off 2016 with a new version of custom wireless headphones that are much more affordable than what you would find in an audiologist setting.

The Decibullz Wireless Earphones retail for $100 to $130 and are coming to market in February with multiple color options. The company claims these are the first custom molded wireless earphones on the market.

Decibullz custom molded headphones - 3

If you’ve ever made a custom mouthguard at home by boiling water, you know how to make the Decibullz custom earphones. You simply place the mold in boiling water and then put it in your ear, wiggle it around and let it form to your ear. If you need to re-shape, simply take the caps off, place them in boiling water and re-fit them to your ear.

This connects to the headphones and allows for a form-fitting seal that combines with a new Decibullz sound engine to deliver better sound and seal out external noise. The company cut its teeth making custom molded earplugs, and earned recognition for the sound of the wired version.

For a little more, users can buy custom molded wireless headphones and enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth in a sealed audio setting that allows you to wear while working or traveling.

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