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Customizing my iPhone



It seems like practically everyone I know now has an iPhone. While it’s fun being able to use some of the social networking apps like Loopt and Palringo, it also means that I’m frequently sitting at a table with 4 or more iPhones all laying out there getting confused. Which one is mine?

So, I decided to jazz up my iPhone with the help of DecalGirl. DecalGirl has over 330 custom-fit decals for the iPhone that are totally removable and don’t add any size to the iPhone itself. I bought 4 decals at $6.99 each. They come with custom wallpaper to give you a fully seamless look for the front of the iPhone. I currently have Metamorphosis (left) on my iPhone, but that may get swapped out for Gypsy (right) or one of my other covers soon. They are very easy to install and seem durable. The decals are adhesive, but with a low-tack adhesive that is supposed to come off with no residue.

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In addition to really cool decals for the iPhone, DecalGirl also has decals for a wide variety of other phones, computers, game boxes – even the ASUS Eee. The designs range from girly to unisex to masculine, so there’s a design for everyone. There are even clear covers if you just want scratch resistance.

iPhone covers are $6.99 plus shipping at DecalGirl.

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