Cypress lays multiple fingers on their TrueTouch screen, offers one finger to a competitor

Not the most exciting video demo I’ve seen of multi-touch, but I give the guys from Cypress Semiconductor credit for cutting to the chase in showing us why current multi-touch screen solutions for tablets are inadequate.

Not sure which competitor they’re showing in the video. The two-finger touch limit indicates Wacom, but don’t hold me to that. If so, it’s not the fairest comparison since Wacom also includes active pen input. Help identifying the humiliated tablet is appreciated.

Yes, I am making their “smackdown” out to be more than it is, but they’re the ones who need to set their TrueTouch technology apart from the pack, not just from the current tech, but from the many other multi-touch solutions in the pipeline. Screen sizes from 7- to 17-inch are being touted. Full press release on their site. Hat tip to Engadget.