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D-Link AC3200 Router Kit Provides Whole-House Coverage



WiFi routers can usually each every corner of a small apartment, but larger homes are literally a bigger issue. However, D-Link’s new router kit ensures that your large house is blanketed with WiFi coverage in every nook and cranny.

Last year at CES, D-Link unveiled the AC3200 router, which looks like a giant spider of sorts, so it’s safe to say that it’s kind of scary looking. However, D-Link wants to cover your house with these digital spiders.

The D-Link Unified Home WiFi Network Kit comes with an AC3200 router, along with a smaller AC1300 WiFi extender that takes the signal from the AC3200 and repeats it farther into the house to create a larger WiFi signal.


The duo features tri-band WiFi that includes a single 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands. It also comes with MU-MIMO technology, which smartly assigns various devices to different antennae so that multiple users using up bandwidth doesn’t bog down your entire WiFi network at home.

Essentially, there’s enough fancy technology included that all of your kids streaming Netflix in HD won’t bring your network to a crawl, just as long a your internet connection itself can keep up.

The nice thing about buying this bundle instead of mixing different brands and such is that the setup process is super easy and should work right out of the box with little hassle. Plus, when you move around the house, the router and WiFi extender will work together to quickly switch you to the closest device to you without any fuss.

The kit will cost $370, which isn’t a bad price at all considering what you’re getting, and you’ll be able to make that purchase later this year at some point during the second quarter.

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