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Daewoo Lucoms Lukid Laptop Released



Daewoo Lucom’s Lukid has entered the UMPC arena with a mini notebook, this time geared towards the education market . Although the Lukid isn’t marked for US release, its use of Intel’s Classmate platform provides movement within the lower-cost, lower-powered education sector where educational integration of technology is on the rise. The 9″ screened device is powered by Intel’s 900MHz Celeron processor, 512MB RAM, 30GB HDD and runs XP. The price for these devices runs 549,000 KRW, which based on today’s currency conversions, totals roughly $530.

Unfortunately, as Matthew pointed out, roadblocks remain for America’s transition in integrating technology into the curriculum. There has been signs of progress, however, as can be seen with the utilization of HP’s Mini Note into the Fresno Unified School District’s educational plan starting next year. I’m hopeful the release of MSI’s Wind at $500 will churn more interest in other school districts to adopt integrated technology.

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