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Daniel Escapa Keeps The OneNote 2007 Torch Burning



Microsoft might be doing everything in its power to keep its killer app OneNote 2007 a secret, (it earned a 2007 Ink Blot Award for Best Tablet PC Software That Is Such A Secret That Microsoft Doesn’t Want To Tell Anyone: Microsoft OneNote 2007 ) but Daniel Escapa is doing his best to get the word out about this great software application. Once a month he runs a round up of all the blog and web posts he can find on OneNote 2007. As you can see from the list folks are indeed talking about OneNote 2007, which is a good thing. There is some great reading on that list about OneNote 2007 and how people are using it. I just think it is a shame that Microsoft is relying on that kind of PR to get the word out.

Keep beating the drum Dan. OneNote 2007 is indeed a killer app and the best thing to come out of Microsoft for some time.

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