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Dark Souls 3 Release: Last Minute Details



Players will walk among darkness and evil later this week when the Dark Souls 3 release finally arrives in stores worldwide. For lovers of Japanese action and role-playing games, the gritty setting and patience required makes Dark Souls 3 the most exciting release of the year. For those that aren’t necessarily big fans of the genre or developer From Software, it’s an opportunity to experience what everyone else has raved about since the releases of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.

Players in Japan have been able to pick up Dark Souls 3 since last month, but on April 12th, the Dark Souls 3 release comes to every other major country. Here are some last-minute tips ahead of the Dark Souls 3 release later this week on Xbox One, Windows and Sony’s PS4 gaming console.


GameStop Has Dark Souls 3 Deals & Midnight Release Thrills

So you’ve waited until the absolute last-minute to make your Dark Souls 3 release purchase? That’s ok, it’s hard to imagine that you’re in danger of not getting a copy on release night. These days, pre-ordering a game is more for getting extras and attending a midnight release party than it is a way to make sure that your copy is set aside.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rush out to take advantage of some savings one retailer has cooked up specifically for the Dark Souls 3 release. Until April 24th, GameStop is boosting trade-in values for older games, consoles and accessories when shoppers use the credit that they’ve picked up towards the purchase of Dark Souls 3. If you have some old items sitting around, it may be a great opportunity to trade them in – specifically if they’re for a last generation console. Remember, Dark Souls 3 isn’t coming to the Xbox 360 or PS3.

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Remember, GameStop is the only retail location handing out extras for the release. Buy the game there and you get a special Dark Souls 3 key chain. Note that you’ll also need a Power Up Rewards Pro membership.

Midnight Release

GameStop is the only major retailer in the United States to offer a midnight pick-up for Dark Souls 3. The store will begin handing out copies of the game to users at midnight Eastern Standard Time, regardless of where you live in the United States.

dark souls 3 gamestop pick up

For the best experience, you’ll want to arrive at your local, participating GameStop store sometime early in the day or evening to pay-off or place your pre-order. You’ll then want to come back at 10PM to snatch a place in the store’s line. GameStop stores handle pre-orders on a first-come-first-serve basis. Don’t wait until midnight to head to your local store unless you’re ok with waiting in line for what will feel like a very long time.

Steam has a Dark Souls 3 Deal Running Too

If you’re a PC gamer, you’re likely already clued in to the wonders of Valve’s Steam gaming service. Steam essentially provides the same service that the Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus do, but absolutely free of charge. You can add a Dark Souls 3 discount to the store’s list of advantages too.

PC gamers that already have a digital copy of a Dark Souls game in their digital collection save $5 off the price of the Steam versions of the game.

If You Pre-Ordered Digitally, Download Now

It’s believed that an overwhelming majority of gamers still purchase new releases for the Xbox One and PS4 on a disc. That’s great, those users will get home tonight and slide their game disc into their console. Dark Souls 3 will take some time to install and then they can begin their journey. Anyone that plans to purchase a digital copy of Dark Souls 3 and wants to play alongside everyone else tonight should have already placed their digital pre-order and begun downloading the game.


If you’re one of the people who plans to buy digital but haven’t already, the time to act is now. Digital game downloads can be huge. Dark Souls 3 is around 18GB. That’s not huge when compared to other games, but if you have a slow internet connection it’ll feel like it is. The Xbox Store and PlayStation Store have both opened pre-downloads. Go ahead and get the files you need for the game now.

Even if you purchase a disc copy of the game, remember to make sure you have the spare 18GB for the game installation.

Dark Souls 3 Reviews

If you’re waiting to read Dark Souls 3 reviews before placing your pre-order, there’s good news. A few different outlets already have deep looks at the game already available for readers. Polygon’s Phillip Kollar believes that the game lives up to the formula set by past titles in his Dark Souls 3 review. IGN describes the game’s setting as a “terrifying new land” in its review.

Good luck with the Dark Souls 3 release.



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  2. Freddie Thompson

    04/11/2016 at 8:26 pm

    That midnight release talk is Bullshit. They told me I have to wait til 10 A.M. tmr and I’ll be in school by then. Sucks that I preorder my game and I’ll be getting it later than a lot of people.

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