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Dark Souls 3: What You Need to Know Ahead of E3 2015



Dark Souls 3 release rumors for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 have swirled for months. A big reason for that is the longtime running franchise’s dedicated fan base. Developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco Games, Dark Souls 2 marked new highs for the series. That game was announced at the Spike Video Game Awards show back in 2012 and made its way to the Xbox One and PS4 earlier this year as Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. 

Recently reports from credible sources have pointed to a Dark Souls 3 release announcement coming at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo or what’s being generally referred to as E3 2015. Here’s what you need to know about these Dark Souls 3 release rumors and why you should be excited ahead of this year’s E3 event, according to some industry insiders.


Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 3 Will Be at E3 2015

It’s not often that reputable video game websites declare anything is happening outright. The gaming industry is too unpredictable; things can and do sometimes go wrong in game development. That’s why a new June report saying Dark Souls 3 will be at E3 2015 is so strange.

Reputable gaming website VG247, a European gaming publication, says that sources it spoke with have confirmed a Dark Souls 3 release announcement for this years’ show. The outlet doesn’t say in what form the announcement will take for, but “guesses” we’ll see the Dark Souls 3 announcement come during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference.

Miyazaki is Back for Dark Souls 3

If you’re an owner of a PlayStation 4 there’s no way you don’t know Hidetaka Miyazaki’s work, even if you don’t recognize the name. Besides heading the Demon Souls development team, he previously headed the first Dark Souls game before handing off the series to Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. Miyazaki had another key, high-profile release that arrived on store shelves this year: the critically acclaimed Bloodborne, which is only available on the PS4.

That you know Miyazaki’s standing in the game development community is important because Shibuya and Tanimura are not heading this rumored Dark Souls 3 release, allegedly. That same VG247 report indicates that the original lead on Dark Souls, Miyazaki is coming back to head the team building out Dark Souls 3. 

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

Don’t Expect Dark Souls 3 On Older Consoles

If you don’t have an Xbox One or a PS4, but want to play a potential Dark Souls 3 release, there’s something you need to do right now. You need to start saving for a current-generation video game console.

Most video game franchises are in the middle a huge transition that’ll leave Xbox 360 and PS3 users in the past while they focus on building more detailed, more immersive, better looking experiences on the Xbox One and PS4.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin was a remake of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions that came before it. From Software and Bandai Namco Games added downloadable content to the package, but it’s still the same game that shipped back in 2014. Releasing a remastered version of an original game is usually an indication that a studio has begun focusing on newer consoles. The timing is right; Sony confirmed in earnings reports earlier this year that PS3 sales aren’t staying as high as they thought they would at this point in the console transition.

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2

There’s Are No Credible Dark Souls 3 Release Date Rumors Just Yet

Try as hard as you can, scouring the internet won’t bring you any closer to a credible Dark Souls 3 release date.

The problem stems from timing. Video games announced at E3 don’t necessarily début in the same calendar year. In fact, most games shown during the show take a year or two years to arrive. The show is more about getting high-level concepts and information about play mechanics out. If From Software and Bandai Namco do announce Dark Souls 3 at this year’s show it could come this year, or it could come the year after. Video game production is so unwieldy that it’s hard to pin down a potential release date without inside information. For example, Dark Souls 3 would need to be already in heavy production to be announced at this year’s show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s so far in production that it’s ready for launch within this calendar year or even the next.

E3 2015 kicks off with press conferences from Sony and Microsoft on Monday, June 14th. GottaBeMobile will be at the show bringing you the latest information about this year’s releases and providing peeks at what’s coming next from console and mobile game developers. If the Dark Souls 3 release is confirmed during the show, will bring you more information the moment it is available.

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