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Data Ltd. Inc Launches New Rugged Tablet PC



rugged This press release states that Data Ltd. Inc. is set to release a new rugged Tablet PC soon.  They offer some interesting choices for the OS, including Embedded XP and Linux.  There are some other nice features like a color camera that they say are from a customer ‘wish list’.  Below are the specs for this RoHS compliant machine:

  • Choice of OS including Linux , Windows CE 5.0, Embedded XP , XP Pro , Tablet PC edition
  • Multiple communications options including wireless radio and cellular independence, as well as embedded iDEN, Skype-based VOiP and GPS
  • A wide variety of input and capture options including long-range laser scanner
  • On-board RFID reader
  • color camera
  • integrated biometric reader
  • AMD LX800 processor
  • 8.4” high visibility touchscreen
  • IP67-rated I/O ports
  • Expansive memory and storage options

“We sought to develop a product that would combine the lightweight, portability of a hand held along with the functionality and power of our DLI 8200 industrial computers,” states Data Ltd President, Bryan Wesolek. “By bringing together the best in both of these product classes, we’ve developed a mobile computer that is rugged enough to survive the harshest of industrial environments, yet sleek enough and ergonomically designed to live in a more professional, front-line work space.”

Also from their site – They have a forms developer, Wireless Webforms,  that is right around the corner from my office.  Might be a nice place to check out and see what they do!!

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