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Dave Wallace LifeKludges with a UMPC



DavewallaceeoThanks to new GBMer Hugo Ortega for this tip. Dave Wallace, the LifeKludger, has had a recent chance to check out an Ultra-Mobile PC. What’s the news there? Dave is a C4 Quadraplegic and uses a mouth stick to interact with his devices.  (We’re big LifeKludger fans at GBM-check out posts here, here, among others.)

If you’re new to Lifekludger, you’ll not be aware that I have a disability and use a mouth-stick to operate computers, well, just about everything. For that reason, the size and physical layout of a machine is paramount over issues like speed, weight, ports, brand.

So, seeing as how my previous experiences with Tablet PC whetted my appetite, yet I found the devices not quite the right mix of size and layout needed, being on the large size, I was always keeping an eye on  the origami project which we now know as UMPC and what it’s form factor would bring for me.

Check out Dave’s article and see how the UMPC form factor fills or doesn’t fill his needs in different scenarios. Regardless of Dave’s outcomes, you’ll be amazed. Oh, and also thanks to Hugo for loaning the UMPC to Dave.

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