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Day 4 With Ford Escape Hybrid and SYNC



Day 4 with the Ford Escape found me taking my son to a doctor appt. Trying to plan ahead, I stored the doctor’s contact info on my phone so it would be immediately available to me on the SYNC. I had hoped to use that address book info as part of the GPS navigation, but the address book in the GPS and the address book on the phone are not linked together – bummer. So, I then tried using voice navigation to try and get me there, but ran in to recognition problems with the street number. I probably went through four different iterations trying to use voice reco. At one point, the GPS forgot what city I was in, so I had to start all over again. By this time, I was already halfway to the doctors office and gave up. The user interface system in the GPS definitely needs some work as I was also having trouble figuring out how to manually type in the address I wanted to get to.

On the way home, the voice recognition worked quite well. My son launched some music, and I tried GPS one more time by saying “DESTINATION HOME”   and it mapped out our route home without any issues. Then, I called my wife by saying ” PHONE CALL KATHI BUSHWAY HOME” – and I got her on the phone to tell her how the appointment went. The music immediately stopped playing when I started the phone call and resume when the call was ended. All of that was done by pressing just one button to activate the voice feature.

I’ll have some more video this weekend, so stay tuned.

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