1. Joe

    12/04/2008 at 1:43 pm

    Is anyone else disappointed at how many of these contests are using similar methods of entry? For example, I’ve seen at least 3 sites including this one already that have asked how one will share their prize. Now, I’m all for giving, but not everyone on the internet has a great story of this. I mean, I personally donate money to charity all the time, as well as participate in blood drives, and I find it hard to believe that say a Touchsmart PC would be a good gift for that sort of thing.

    I guess I was just hoping for more variety, not a bunch of sites using similar methods of giving it away. I’d prefer random than that because then everyone has a chance. (And yes as far as I know this was the first site to use this method, so its not really its use on this site that bothers me).

    I don’t know, I just hope there’s more of a variety of methods in future site’s contests and that they don’t all copy this site’s idea.


  2. aswfreak12

    12/04/2008 at 9:57 pm

    Not really, I’m not giving away any of the prizes to charity if I win. I’m giving it to my FSAE team. I think you’re allowed to sell the prizes if you win them. So you can always do a cash donation with the prize money.

    Everyone may not have a great story, but I don’t think the contest was meant for everyone, the point is to share the prizes, if it was meant for everyone then the point wouldn’t be made to give some of the prizes away. It’s meant for HP to get good P.R by saying it gave the gift of giving, literally.

    Some of the entries I’ve seen so far are just a random choosing, like Hack College and some others.


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