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Dead Rising 3 Title Update Is Why Xbox One Needs External Storage Now



Users clamoring for Microsoft to add USB storage support to its Xbox One entertainment console just got more reason to demand that Microsoft add the feature sooner rather than later:  a game patch for Dead Rising 3.

Announced today, users with the title and an Xbox One entertainment console will find that the game now includes a ton of new content to lure them back into killing more zombies. Add-ons include 2 new DLC episodes, fixes and improvements, texture updates for better graphics and a slightly updated SmartGlass experience for users with Xbox One SmartGlass installed on their smartphone or tablet.

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3

That game makers are working to add features to and improve their games certainly isn’t a bad thing. What’s drawing raised eyebrows is the actual size of the update. According to an interview with the game’s developers on Xbox Wire, users can expect the patch to take up 13GB of storage. That’s in addition to the 23GB of storage the game’s unpatched digital form already takes up.

In short today’s patch for Dead Rising 3 is exactly why users were shocked to find out that the Xbox One wouldn’t support any add-on storage methods using its built-in USB ports. Microsoft made the situation even more complicated when it confirmed that the Xbox One also wouldn’t have a built-in file manager, leaving users to mostly wonder about what is taking up the most space on their Xbox One’s built-in 500GB hard drive. Also, unlike Sony’s PS4, the Xbox One’s hard drive simply isn’t meant to be user upgradable.

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While one game patch certainly won’t hog all the Xbox One’s storage, more of these 13GB updates could. After all, Xbox One users are encouraged to download titles directly from the service instead of going to their local game store to purchase the latest titles on a disc. Purchasing these games digitally allows Microsoft to make them available on whatever Xbox One console that the user is signed into.

Microsoft hasn’t publicly announced if or when USB storage might come to the Xbox One. The console is on store shelves now for $499. Users with Dead Rising 3 installed and low-power mode turned on their Xbox One should have the update ready for them the next time they start their console.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Eli

    01/21/2014 at 3:08 pm

    They also stated that after the install the game would still only be 25 Gigs as a lot is over lay. You aren’t adding another 13 Gigs onto the hard drive. I am not disputing that we need external capabilities, but please have the facts before writing an article.

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