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Deal: Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 4 for $66



Mophie recently introduced the Mophie Juice Pack Air Plus for iPhone 4 for $99. The original Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4 dropped to just $79 since it only has 75% of the juice of the new model.’s apparently clearing out stock of this unit and dropped the price of the Juice Pack to just $66.26. The 1500mAh of extra juice in this battery case almost doubles battery life, which should be more than sufficient for most users.

I ordered the Mophie Juice Pack Air Plus for $99, figuring the extra $20 was worth the 500 extra mAh, but I probably would have settled for the original if the price was available last week. I also prefer the metallic band on the cheaper model. is offering free shipping on the Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 4 and you don’t need to pay tax up front in most states.

Visit to get this deal.


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