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Dear Frank Gocinski, BLOG MORE PLEASE!



I submit this info under the title, “People I would like to see blog MORE”!

If you don’t know Frank Gocinski — well you should. If you have a Tablet PC, you have been where Frank has roamed, even if he is doing it quietly. We need to hassle him to blog more, simnply because he has his hands in about everything in the Tablet world. His official role is to promote and develop the Tablet OS ISV community, SDK’s, etc, so we would all love to hear more from him on what goes on in his world called Building 32. Those of us in the Tablet PC MVP program have had a good deal of exposure to him, and believe more people should hear from Frank.

In this post today, he talks about installing the current CTP build of Vista on his brand new Toshiba M400, and that it works so well, he is “Staying Put”. Sure wish we all had Frank’s toys, he changes tablets about once a month I think. Every time I have seen him he has another one! The thing to note about this post though, is his reactions to the stability and functionality of this hardware and OS pairing. Being a part of the Tablet team, he is not easy to please on things like this. He so eloquently states and I quote:

“Last night I took my new Toshiba M400 with Windows Vista CTP install and the latest Office 12 bits home with me. Office 12 btw, freaking rocks, talk about seamless integration across the tools wow it is cool….. This is an incredibly stable build, with the new Tablet features in Vista it’s hard to go back to XP, now that it all seems to just work I am staying put “

Frank’s is a good blog to grab a feed from. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, you might wanna hear it. Oh, and if you get a chance, tell him to blog more please…. Frank? You listening?

Nuff said.

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