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December Destiny Update: 13 Weapon Changes + Exotics



The December Destiny update brings a host of Destiny weapons changes that will impact how you play the game. This is the biggest bundle of changes to Destiny weapons since the 2.0 update in July.

We’ve learned that there will be host of upgrades and downgrades to damage and to some of the features across a wide range of Destiny Weapons.

The Destiny November update is just a day old and the team is already talking about what will happen in November. We still don’t have a definite Destiny December update release date, but the odds are good it will come in the middle of the month.

There are two major components to the Destiny December update — new exotics and 13 weapons changes.

Here’s what  you need to know about the upcoming December Destiny update.

Destiny December Update Weapon Changes

What's new in the December Destiny Update for weapons.

What’s new in the December Destiny Update for weapons.

There are changes to basic weapons and to exotic weapons in the December Destiny update. We’ll summarize some of the changes below, and you can read the more detailed version on the Bungie blog.

  • Auto Rifles – Buffed to Better compete with Pulse Rifles
  • Pule Rifles – Nerfed Damage 2-9%
  • Hand Cannons – Increased accuracy at close and medium range
  • Shotguns – Reduce agility for more deliberate close quarters combat with a lot of changes
  • Fusion Rifles – Faster charge speed, but less damage on some, less hip fire stability, less ammo across the line of Fusion rifles.
  • Sniper Rifles – Damage only reduces for very long shots, Luck in the Chamber only buffs precision damage.
  • Sidearms – Faster ready and stow speeds for all Sidearms.

There are also a number of changes to the Exotic weapons in the December Destiny update. Here is a summary of the changes.

  • The First Curse – More range, First Curse Perk now refills magazine and adds stability, better target acquisition and damage falloff starts farther out.
  • Hawkmoon – Reduction in range, Lucky bullets deliver less damage.
  • The Chaperone – Reduction in base damage, increase precision damage.
  • Fabian Strategy – Changes to Front Lines Perk, Extended Mag Perk and increased base reload and stability.
  • Black Spindle – Removed scope upgrades and replaced with barrel upgrades.
  • Sleeper Stimulant – Increase max ammo to 9, fixed ammo exploit and changed perks.

If you enjoy using these weapons you should make sure you read more about the upgrades.

December Destiny Update: New Exotics

Destiny announced this week that there will be new exotics coming with the December update. Destiny is teasing some of the Exotics on Instagram that will show up in the December Destiny update. Here are six we know so far.

  • MIDA Multi-Tool – Exotic Scout Rifle
  • The Armamentarium – Exotic Titan Chest
  • Dragon’s Breath – Exotic Rocket Launcher
  • Plan C – Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Nothing Manacles – Exotic Warlock Gauntlets
  • Super Good Advice – Exotic Machine Gun

You can check out Instagram to see more details and this is where you should learn about other options.



  1. Pam

    11/28/2015 at 4:49 am

    you have ruined our weapons , what about the thorn

  2. Jonathan

    12/08/2015 at 12:51 pm

    come on, you prefere the time where we were constrained to use thorn and TLW!!! I say continue your great work Bungie, I’m with the tuning at 100%

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