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Delaying Upgrades When Under the Gun



snowleopardApple fan boys are jumping up and down for what looks like the release of the Snow Leopard edition of Apple’s operating system on August 28. This is coming earlier than most had originally thought. I’ve already placed my pre-order for this, but if it arrives before the weekend I’ll be waiting a bit before doing the installing.

We’re entering tech week at Wayside Theatre for our new production of Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse and this is a play full of not just theatre tech, but a lot of geek tech behind the scenes. There is a full multimedia component to the show as slides are used to tell the story and keep up with the over 100 characters and many different locales of the play. In addition there is full underscoring by our resident composer and musical director, Steve Przybylski. Both Steve and I use Macs to do a lot of our work on these aspects of the show and during a break in last night’s rehearsal, when we started to hear about the August 28 release date, we looked at each other with a look of resignation, as we realized we wouldn’t be getting to the upgrade until the next week.

The show opens Sunday night and Friday is our final dress rehearsal. We have two preview performances on Saturday as we try out the show in front of audiences. There is no way either Steve or myself would even think of installing an OS upgrade during the final hours of a process like this. The last 36 to 48 hours of a rehearsal and preview process is when the final tweaking and details are added, especially when it comes to sound, lighting, and multimedia, and the pace is always hectic and often feels like controlled chaos. Introducing an OS upgrade, or any upgrade at that point, is well… asking for trouble. To my way of thinking, delaying any major upgrade when you’re neck deep in a project is the safest way to go.

By the way, if you’re a GBM Reader and would like to see Robert E. Lee and John Brown: Lighting the Fuse, drop me an email and I’ll arrange for free tickets.



  1. Zeuxidamas

    08/24/2009 at 2:58 pm

    Concur. I use my HP2730p as my primary work PC. Right now it is running Windows Vista Business 32-bit. Since I rely on it
    to to be up 100% of the time, I have to delay upgrading
    it to Windows 7 until some time over the holidays.
    Our 4Q is so insane as everyone tries to scramble
    for every scrap of revenue before the year closes
    out that I would be drawn and quartered if my laptop
    went down due to my own insistence on taking chances
    on a new OS while we were still in production. (sent from my Windows Mobile phone)

  2. Ronald A. Dowty

    08/24/2009 at 6:06 pm

    I’m probably going to overwrite my boot camp partition and install Snow Leopard there but It’ll probably be a while before it’s my full time OS.

  3. JimAtLaw

    08/25/2009 at 7:59 am

    I’m amazed that Apple wouldn’t take the opportunity to simultaneously release new MBPs with the new mobile Nehalems. (Though perhaps they will – I’m sure I’m not alone in holding a pending laptop purchase for the new CPUs, along with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard.)

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