How to Delete the LG G4 Browser History
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How to Delete the LG G4 Browser History



Privacy is a top priority for many smartphone users, especially when we use our devices for just about everything. Devices like the new LG G4 are pretty secure with lockscreen passwords or KnockCode, but that may not be comforting enough for some. For those that own the LG G4 and would like to learn how to delete or remove the browser history, we have you covered.

Browser history or form data is one of many privacy issues owners need to be aware of. There are many different reasons a user may want to delete their internet browser or search history on a smartphone, and we’re sure you have your reasons, so here we’ll explain how to do so on the new LG G4.

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Unlike many other devices, LG finally made Google Chrome the default browser on the G4, so that’s the only instructions we need to provide. Many other device have their own browser with different settings, not to mention many 3rd party browsers from the Google Play Store. Read on to learn how to delete the G4 browser history.

LG G4 Black Leather

When a user is logged into a Gmail account, which most are, each website you visit is saved to the browser or account history. This is what we’ll be targeting here today. That is, unless you have history turned off completely or are using an incognito tab or an incognito browser, which we’ll mention again below.

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Removing your browser history and search history are two different things, but below we’ll explain how to clear the browser history on the LG G4. This could be so your kids or significant other can’t see what you bought for their birthday, general privacy concerns, or for other reasons we won’t get into, here’s how to do it.


As we stated above, there are multiple options and 3rd party browser readily available on the Google Play Store for users, and from manufacturers. Google Chrome is the most popular and the default browser on our LG G4, so let’s start with that.

While using the Google Chrome application on the LG G4, which is the web browser, tap the three dots “Menu button” at the top right. This brings up the popup menu, where you’ll scroll down and select “History”.


As you can see in the image above you now have access to a list of all the website you’ve visited on the Chrome Browser. Next up users simply need to tap the “clear browser data” button at the bottom, and then select which information they’d like to remove, as shown below.


You’ll get a similar option of check-boxes as shown above, and you can control what you delete forever, and what stays. Another great benefit of Google Chrome is you can remove individual site visits, instead of all or nothing, so it doesn’t appear that you’re hiding your tracks. Just hit the x to clear each individual search you’d like removed and that’s it.

Incognito Mode

To prevent any of this from ever being an issue from the start, users can just use something called Incognito Mode. When you’re in the LG G4 browser hit menu and open an Incognito tab. This makes it so the browser won’t remember or save any history, passwords, login, or track what you do. This is your best bet, and something many users should consider if privacy is a concern.

There are multiple browsers on the Google Play Store that do this by default and will never remember any of your data or information. Dolphin Zero is a good one, or Opera Browser has a browser-wide privacy mode you can enable. I’d stick to the stock browser or Chrome, but everyone likes something different, and there are plenty to choose from on Android in the Google Play Store.

What we do on our smartphones is our own business, so make sure you take some of the steps mentioned above to prevent it from being saved, or seen by others. That, or simply delete anything you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.

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