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Dell and AT&T Teaming up for MID?



We’ve been hearing about Dell’s efforts at entering the MID space, supposedly next year. (Is it me, or is everything we’ve been hearing about since, say, oh, May, rumored for next year? 2010 is sure shaping up to be quite a year.) That parenthetical aside, fresh rumors are that Dell and AT&T are teaming up to release a MID next year called the Streak. Dell obviously will be behind the hardware working with Qsida as the manufacturer, and AT&T the connectivity, in what I would imagine to be subsidized package. Word is that Dell is looking at creating a  class of devices, because, you know everyone wants an Android running small media player that can also browse the web.

Here’s a video that’s been floating around for some time. But keep in mind this is just another in a long line of 2010 Is Going To Be The Year of the Best Gadgets Ever rumor mill.

Via Slashgear

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