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Dell and Their Changing Business


on has a pretty good article on Dell’s changing business focus, largely based on Michael Dell’s Q & A at Garner’s Symposium ITxpo 2007. In addition to talking about the move to the cloud, the article had this nice little tidbit about Dell’s upcoming XT Tablet PC:

The company is also building a new consumer business, increasing its focus on emerging markets. The vendor also this year announced that it would ship Linux on a desktop. In addition, Dell said the company will soon introduce tablet computers.

Ric Rodriguez, an IT architect at a federal agency that deals with health care that he declined to identify, said he was surprised by Dell’s decision to offer tablets. “In the past, they have actually ignored the whole concept,” he said. But Rodriguez said he see value to tablets, especially in health care.

We still don’t have “official” word on when Dell is supposed to unveil their XT Tablet PC, but the word in our forums has the date around the first week of November. What we have heard from Dell is that they are still on track, whatever that means. I wonder if the Motion announcement regarding the LE1700 WriteTouch has had any affect on the XT since it is widely known Dell was going to use the N-Trig digitizer.

Guess we’ll see.

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