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Dell Customer Service – Nothing Short of Amazing



I’ve been living vicariously through Steve Seto, a Tablet PC MVP and GBM forum member, who recently became a proud owner of a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC.

In this forum thread, Steve has been diligently reviewing and documenting his experiences with the XT Tablet PC, customer service, and more. My jaw about dropped when I read of his latest adventure, though: voicing his regret to Dell Customer Service about purchasing the 32 gb SSD and wishing he had the 64 gb SSD instead. What followed will amaze you.

I talked to Dell Customer Service, and they replaced my original XT with its 32 GB SSD with an XT with a 64 GB SSD.  The new machine arrived yesterday afternoon and I’m busy bringing it up to speed.  Obviously, I couldn’t be happier about this and Dell CS really went to the mat for me…

It all started innocently enough; I was talking to Tech Support about the contents of the recovery partition and I mentioned that I was finding the 32 GB SSD a bit more restrictive than I had expected.  To my surprise, the Tech mentioned that many SSD buyers had second thoughts about the 32 GB SSD, and that if I talked to CS, they would arrange a swap for the larger SSD and it would only cost me the difference in price.  One thing led to another but when I finally talked to CS, their surprising answer was that they would rather replace the entire tablet (to provide the larger SSD), so that’s what happened.  The whole process, from beginning to end, took exactly one week!  I just now UPS’ed my original XT back to Dell.

This whole episode has been nothing short of amazing…

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