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Dell Gives the Inspiron Mini 12 the Heave Ho



netbookNo real surprise here, but Dell is discontinuing the Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook. As the Netbook craze took over we have seen devices that started out with tiny screens and form factors creep into larger and larger dimensions. But at the same time, Intel, Microsoft, and the OEMs saw profit margins decline. As I said, this isn’t a real surprise as the chaotic Atom market is still pretty chaotic and everybody is trying to find a dividing line that allows them to sell something cheap and also retain the more profitable higher end.

I think they genie has not only left the bottle, but is way, way beyond the reach of those who want to put it back.

For those looking for larger screens and form factors, I’m guessing options will be there when Windows 7 rolls out.

Via TechCrunch

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sacha Pallenberg

    08/09/2009 at 10:46 am

    I’ve already left a comment on techcrunch and i am too lazy to write another one on Arringtons’ article, so i am just copying it (sorry for sounding so mean but his netbook spin is becoming predictable)


    wow, another attempt… Sorry Michael but you should definitely consider to stop writing about netbooks in general….
    let me give you some background information to clear this a little bit up.

    First of all we all knew that the Mini 12 is becoming obselete since the leaked roadmaps i put online in… ooops April:

    Second, the Mini 12 is using the Silverthorne platform which is not under Intels’ limitation for netbooks. They are only putting pressure on the OEMs not to use the Diamondville processor in systems above 10inch. Samsung and Lenovo did it and that’s why they are not getting Intels’ â€Ŕspecial prices” on the Atom platform anymore! Everybody knows this in the industry and people are blogging about this for weeks, so why can’t you just get it right?

    If you really wanna tell me, that it doesn’t take more performance to run a 12inch with 1280×800 than a 10inch with 1024×600… you should really consider not to write about hardware anymore!

    And finally.. a 12inch system is not a netbook! People are buying netbooks because of it’s formfactor and not because they are a rip-off of a subnotebook. Check my position on this in the Time magazine:,8599,1903013,00.html

    This is about the 5th article you guys wrote on netbooks and all of them were poorly researched and totally wrong. Is â€Ŕrisking your reputation” any kinda new hobby or philosophy of you guys?


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