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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Early Pricing Detailed



If this flyer holds true, it looks like Dell’s pricing for their much anticipated netbook (now called the Inspiron Mini 9) sits a little higher than the $299 that we’ve been all expecting. Chippy at UMPCPortal got the flyer from an unknown source, so don’t take too much stock in the pricing just yet. Dell has not officially lifted the veil off their worst kept secret, so take this information with a grain of salt. It does, however, look like a real mailer dated for September 5th, which was the revised expected release date.

  • The $349 Standard model includes an Atom processor, Ubuntu 8.04 OS, 512MB RAM and a 4GB SSD. 
  • The $399 Social Edition model is the same as the Standard but replaces the 4GB SSD with an 8GB SSD and a 0.3mp webcam.
  • The top-of-the-line $449 XP Edition has the same processor, comes with XP Home SP3 installed, a 1.3mp webcam, 1GB RAM, and an 8GB SSD. An important note is that the $449 price is reduced from what looks like a normal selling price of $494.

Update: Microsite can be found here. The Mini 9 name is confirmed.

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