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Dell Latitude 2100: Education Netbook w/ Touchscreen



Dell’s introduced the Latitude 2100, a netbook built for schools. It has the usual netbook components we’ve become accustomed to seeing time and time again, but there are quite a few features that set it apart from the rest of the pack. A rubber coating offers an extra layer of protection and an optional carrying strap screws right into the chassis. The Latitude 2100 can be configured with a touchscreen, which is great for younger students.

The Latitude moniker is a little odd to have on an affordable netbook, but if you take a look at the below video you’ll see that the 2100 is packed with a lot of features normally reserved for business-grade machines.

There’s one feature students will hate- an LED on the top of the display that lights up and lets their teachers know when they’re goofing off online rather than working.

Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine reviewed the Latitude 2100 and thought it was a little too heavy, but liked its durability.

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1 Comment

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