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Dell Mini 9 Netbook Reports Begin Trickling In



We’re starting to see a few reports begin trickling in about the Dell Mini 9 Netbooks now that they are beginning to get in the hands of users. GBM Forum member and reader, TechGeek 32, just sent this in:

I thought I would shoot you an email about this netbook. I just received mine today and I know that one of the main questions that GBM readers have is can you put a 2GB stick of RAM into it? Yes you can and it recognizes it just fine. It actually makes a big difference over the 1GB that comes standard. The other question is how much available hard drive space is there with the XP Home version? There is about 10GB free after bootup. I removed all of the crap ware and I have about 11GB free before loading Office 2007. I purchases the most loaded system out of the 3 on Dell’s site. I have XP, 16GB SSD, Bluetooth. It is a great little machine, my only con is the keyboard is really small.That would be the only reason I would not keep this, but I have watched all of the netbook inkshows with you and your wife and she would probably really like this Dell.>

Thanks, TechGeek32. Send along some pictures and we’ll post ‘em up. Now keep this quiet and don’t tell my wife.



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