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Dell Streak Marketing Stunt Results in Dozens of 911 Calls, Arrests



Two Dell employees decided to pull an internal marketing stunt to promote the Dell Streak at its Round Rock campus that resembled a terrorist attack. I’ve heard that the Streak family of tablets is low, but I didn’t realize it was so low that Dell would have to sink to these depths.

Two Dell employees decided it’d be wise to pull a guerilla marketing stunt by dressing up in all black, donning scary masks and running through Dell’s offices with metal objects in their hands. They screamed at people, telling them to get to the lobby. Understandably, dozens of 911 calls were made and panic alarms were sounded.

Two arrested in Dell marketing stunt:

SWAT responded and one of the Dell employees refused to comply with officers’ commands. The fiasco ended with the two Dell employees being arrested, which is actually as good of an outcome as they could hope for. They’re extremely lucky they weren’t killed by responding officers or by one of their own colleagues – Texas is after all a concealed carry state.

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  2. USB 3G Viettel

    02/24/2011 at 7:46 am

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