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Dell Tablet PC Announcement Turns Heads



You knew it was going to happen. Actually, it was as safe a bet as you could make. As soon as Dell confirmed that they were going to bring a Tablet PC to market, folks who have derided Tablet PCs were going to start to sing a different tune about Tablet PCs. Ken Fisher of Ars Technica is one of those who likes to sing with the chorus and he sees Dell’s entry as a turning point. He also points to the Modbook which runs on Apple’s OS as a positive develoment. If that ever gets to market it will certainly be intriguing.

But there is other Dell news that I think also has potential impact on the Tablet PC scene. Dell has also recently made some noise that it might be looking at the retail channel as an additional way to distribute products. If this comes to be, and consumers are able to actually get their hands on a Tablet PC in a store that could be a positive step forward.

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