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Dell Tablet Rumor: Subscription Based e-Reader



The Internet is littered with Tablet rumors these days, but usually they center on Apple. This one, coming from an article in Wired, titled Why 2010 Be The Year of the Tablet, has Dell as the focus and features a subscription based system that looks to be a competitor for Amazon’s Kindle and any other Tablet-like devices out there that can read e-Books, play media, and don’t do anything that the word Tablet implies.

The tipping point comes via word to from a well-connected industry executive that mainstream heavyweights Dell and Intel are collaborating on a touchscreen tablet due for release next year. Though our source has learned little about specifications of the device, what’s apparent is that the tablet will serve as a subscription-based e-reader for displaying newspapers, magazines and other media, giving Amazon’s Kindle — particularly, the nearly $500 large-format DX model — a run for its money.

As notable as the format is the business model: The tablet will be free for consumers who opt into a contract subscribing to one or more digital media subscriptions, according to our source. That’s similar to how telecom companies currently subsidize cellphones when customers agree to two-year contracts.

Could this be a free subscription based competitor to the Kindle and others? It would certainly make an interesting battle if that were the case. According to the article we’re looking at six months out.

The article has some further interesting analysis saying the Dell Tablet would most likely run Windows 7. As you read deeper   you’ll see that the writer isn’t all that up on Tablet technology and its evolution, so again, file this away in the Rumor File for now.

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