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Dell XPS 10 and XPS DUO 12 Tablet Hybrids Launch at IFA 2012



Dell joined the legions of convertible and hybrid laptops and tablets at IFA 2012 with two new models.

The Dell XPS 10 is a tablet first, and a notebook second, while the XPS Duo 12 brings back the mildly received DUO flip screen design from Dell’s netbook days to a larger display with Windows 8 and a possibly the latest Intel Core i processors.

Both of these notebooks are sparse on details as Dell keeps information close to their chest ahead of the official release which we expect could arrive after Windows 8 is officially announced in October.

Dell XPS 10

The Dell XPS 10 is a tablet with a keyboard dock, much like the profile popularized by the ASUS Transformer series. This ARM powered tablet is designed for users looking for a tablet that can work all on its own and pair with a keyboard for enhanced productivity.

Dell XPS 10

The Dell XPS 10 is an ARM powered Windows RT tablet.

The Dell XPS 10 runs Windows RT on a 10-inch display and docks to the keyboard for what Dell claims is, “long battery life.” No word on the exact specs or price for this model, but it does look very tempting.

Dell XPS DUO 12

The Dell XPS DUO 12 is a convertible Ultrabook with a flip hinge we first saw on the Dell Duo netbook. This time around Dell includes a 12-inch 1080P HD display and Windows 8 with touch screen optimizations.

XPS Duo 12 Notebook

The Dell XPS DUO 12 is art Ultrabook, part tablet.

Like the rest of the XPS line, the XPS DUO 12 is made from carbon fiber, aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass. If it’s anything like the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, we expect good build quality and premium materials here.

Dell wont share what’s running inside the XPS DUO 12, but we’re betting on Ultrabook like specs, and the full Windows 8 experience.

Dell did not offer any information on price or availability.

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