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Dell XPS 15 2015 Continues to Show Up Apple’s MacBooks



Windows hardware maker Dell has a complete new line-up of notebooks coming along with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. None of them compare to the new Dell XPS 15 2015, a new notebook coming for the longtime notebook maker that includes its now signature display and design.

The Dell XPS 15 2015 was among the new notebooks and other machines that Dell showed off this week at Computex Taipei. At Computex companies gather to show off their latest hardware designs. This year’s show is incredibly important. Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is due out at the end of July and some will users will need to replace their PC.

A picture of the Dell XPS 15 2015 taken by The Verge.

A picture of the Dell XPS 15 2015 taken by The Verge.

Dell gave those at Microsoft’s press event during the show a look at the new stunning machine. The Dell XPS 15 2015 is a new Dell XPS 13 but with a bigger display. Dell has added more space on the carbon-fiber covered keyboard deck to support the larger 15-inch display. the XPS 15 2015’s power button sits on the far right edge of the keyboard deck, out of the way so that you can’t accidentally press it when picking up the notebook.  The most striking design flourish of the XPS 15 2015 is its nearly borderless display. There’s a spacious trackpad that seems to use a one button mechanism too.

The company didn’t reveal a lot about the notebook. We don’t know what resolution Dell decided to go with for the Dell XPS 15 2015’s display. The Dell XPS 13 2015 that the company unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year had a 1080p display with a ridiculously high 3200 x 1800 resolution. The Verge, a technology website in attendance at the show, was able to take pictures of the new Dell XPS 15 2015, but not touch it. Dell didn’t provide those in attendance with any additional deals about the notebook either. It is interesting that it’s running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system already. Windows 10 doesn’t arrive as a free update until July 29th, meaning it’s unlikely well see the Dell XPS 15 2015 launch before then.

The XPS 15 2015 should act as the perfect showpiece for Windows 10. Rather than force the Start Screen and full-sized Windows Store apps on users, Microsoft is retooling Windows to be more friendly on notebooks like the XPS 15 2015. A Start Menu replaces the Start Screen when there’s no touch enabled. The Windows Store offers Desktop programs and retooled Windows apps that run in the Desktop. Windows 10 has been given a visual overhaul that perfectly complements the industrial design of the XPS 15 2015 and other metal-clad machines like Microsoft’s own Surface Pro 3.

With the XPS line, Dell has one of the few sets of notebooks that can compete against apple’s MacBook line in terms of features and design. Rather than copying Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro designs, the XPS 13 2015 and XPS 15 2015 are actually evolutions of their direct predecessors. XPS is known for its premium materials and sturdy construction. Dell uses aluminum frames to make the XPS notebooks as rigid as possible. Hardened glass gives the displays a premium look and feel plus protect from random nicks and scrapes. The Dell XPS 13 2015 was so beautiful and fully featured that it won a CES Excellence Award from GottaBeMobile earlier this year

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Microsoft needs high-end alternatives to the MacBook Pro and MacBook if it wants to keep its market share with mobile professionals and creators high. That’s typically a market that Windows PCs have lost out to Apple’s products in.

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