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CES 2014

Dell’s $699 4k Monitor Looks Amazing (Video)



Affordable 4k monitors are the trend of CES 2014 and Dell looks to sweep the competition with an incredibly affordable 4k monitor that even offers a matte finish to avoid reflections.

The Dell Ultra HD 28-inch 4k monitor retails for $699, that’s $100 less than the competition thanks to a few small cuts that remove the color calibration of the $3,000+ UltraSharp 32, but still delivers a very good-looking image, field of view and a healthy amount of inputs.

The Dell $699 4k monitor looks great.

The Dell $699 4k monitor looks great.

The difference between this $699 4k monitor and the factory calibrated UltraSharp 32, according to Dell is that the higher priced UltraSharp 32 is for professionals that couldn’t afford to make a$3,000 color mistake. This more affordable 4k display still delivers good colors or independent photographers with an option to perform some color calibrations, but it is not at the same level as the monitor that is vastly more expensive.

Dell $699 4k Monitor Hands-On Video

Check out our hands on with the Dell 4k monitor that is $699. While you won’t be able to see the beauty of 4k through this streaming video, you can hear our impressions and see the two monitors side-by-side.

Dell’s $699 k4k monitor comes with a stand that is adjustable to allow users to slide the display up and down as well as to rotate into portrait mode, for a very tall 28-inch 4k display. The monitor features a quick release connection to the stand that can also go to a monitor arm and Dell is also planning other accessories for this monitor.

At $699 this 4k display looks very impressive.

At $699 this 4k display looks very impressive.

As for inputs the Dell 4k monitor offers two DisplayPort inputs, a Mini DisplayPort, HDMI and a three port USB hub that connects to a computer with a USB cable to handle external drives and other devices that users would prefer to leave connected to a monitor that is used with a notebook.

The timing for this announcement is good considering Netflix is planning to stream original series in 4k soon and the Mac Pro is arriving in stores and on doorsteps across the company with support for multiple 4k displays. The latest MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013) can also drive a 4k monitor over HDMI as can several new notebooks.

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1 Comment

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