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Dell’s Video: Will It Back-Fire?



The Tablet PC community is picking up on Dell’s Tablet PC video that I posted this morning, and the words are not kind for Dell: James Kendrick says the trash talk is leaving a bad taste in his mouth, and some of his readers are seeing it as a foolish move. says that Dell shouldn’t have wasted a tablet pc like that.

Personally, I think a little trash talk among OEMs is a good thing and I’m happy to see it. A little verbal competition and in-your-face talk is good. You gotta know that the tablet team at Toshiba are feeling a bit miffed right now as they see their baby trashed, and other OEM tablet teams are beginning to put their gloves on, too. I say “Bring it on….” Competition breeds better products and lower prices.

All of that said, Dell better have the goods to back that kind of video up – if they don’t, it will certainly back-fire on them and you can be certain the community will let them know about it.

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