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Delta Leak Detector Can Save Homeowners Thousands



Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Delta Leak Detector is a smart home accessory that avoids one of the major pitfalls of outfitting your home with the latest technology. The Delta Leak Detector doesn’t require that users set up a smart home hub or any additional equipment beyond the device itself and a companion app for iPhone and Android.

On display this week at CES 2016, the Delta Leak Detector is a small white, round puck with a glowing blue circle in the middle. The Leak Detector is designed to monitor crawl spaces and specific areas in the home were water leaks tend to occur. Delta says that the device, which was designed in partnership with iDevices, can detect any kind of water presence. Tiny sprinkles of water are as easy for it to pick up on as a massive leak gushing out of a pipe. Two metallic circles act as water detectors, setting off alarms if there’s current running between the two.

delta link detector

If there’s a leak, the Delta Leak Detector flashes round and sounds an alarm that home owners can hear from afar. The companion also alerts buyers when the batteries inside need to be changed out. The companion app for iPhone and Android is available absolutely free. The batteries inside the Delta Leak Detector last for two years. Inside are three AAA batteries that can easily be replaced at a drug star or office supply store. There’s no required hub for the device, but buyers do need a reliable wireless network that reaches to wherever they’re planning to place it.

The Delta Leak Detector will arrive sometime in the second half of 2016. Delta hasn’t said how much the device will cost, but it expects to match the device to come in at around $60. That’s the same price as competing devices.

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