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Dennis Rice admits to his gadget addiction



In a heart breaking meeting yesterday, Dennis Rice finally confided to me that he has a problem: he is addicted to gadgets. “Rob, ” He started off, with tears forming in his eyes,” Do you know that $5,000 thumb drive that I posted about the other day? I bought it. I am so ashamed. ““

What made this meeting incredibly difficult for me was his admission that he secretly loves Apple products as well. This was incredibly difficult for me to hear as I have publicly given praise for the Mac only to be shot down publicly by Dennis himself.  ” Rob, I have 3 power books, a Mac Book Pro, a Mac Mini, a Nano, and I’ve been secretly working on a dual boot Tablet.” The rage built up within me, but I tried to constrain myself.

On the other end of Skype, was a very conflicted and troubled man. I had to get some intervention for Dennis, so I Skyped James Kendrick and conferenced him in. Little did I know I was interrupting James Office 2007 demo. James, a recovering gadget addict himself, was a huge help. He relayed to Dennis how he had to buy the just announced Palm 700W while at CES this year and that nothing was going to stop him. He told Dennis about Verizon’s secret smart phone addicts club.

Dennis has some serious explaining to do to his wife (why he won’t let her open the trunk to his car for example), but there is hope for him. We can help Dennis by asking him how he is doing and to examine his gadget bag from time to time. Folks at Microsoft, as part of the MVP Program, are helping to pay for his recovery treatment.

We love You, Dennis, and are praying for your recovery.

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