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Deskinacar Provides Mobile Office Solution



Have you ever wanted to set up your laptop in your car but found the front seat less than ideal for keeping your laptop level and stable? has the answer! Joel McLaughlin from Gear Diary has just reviewed Deskinacar, which, as its name implies, creates a desk-like surface you can set up and strap in on the front seat of your car. The $77.97 + shipping Deskinacar has an anti-slip surface, ensuring your devices won’t go slipping and sliding during your drive (to a certain extent, of course). Once at the office, the Deskinacar folds in half and can be used as a lap desk or can be used as an inclined laptop stand.

On a sidenote, according to Joel’s article, Lee’s fulfillment center was struck by a tornado, its roof was torn off, and Lee lost a third of his inventory. However, this doesn’t seem to affect availability at all.


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