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Desktops vs laptops vs companion devices



BusinessWeek is taking a look at a recent trend: desktop replacement laptops that are highly customized with paint options, etc- you know those 17” powerful laptops, as well as the Q1 as a desktop companion:

The ideal partner for a desktop-replacement system may actually be another in-between portable like Samsung’s Q1, one of the so-called Ultramobile PCs. This would give owners of the heavier, pseudoportable notebooks a way to stay wired one way or another, while still being able to transport the less-portable laptop when necessary. Owning both kinds of portables would prove a costly option, however.

For now, desktops still win out over notebooks in the area of customizability. Adding 120GB hard drives or a next-gen DVD drive to a PC tower is no problem. The same can be done with a laptop, but it’s not as easy.

Desktops hold a firm place in most PC enthusiasts’ hearts, and their lower price means they won’t be fading away anytime soon. But for those willing to make a few trade-offs and plunk down considerably more cash, the luggable laptop has legs.

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