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Destiny Beta: 5 Things You Need to Try Before It Ends



The Destiny beta ends ion just a few days, leaving with a limited amount of time to try all the cool things in Destiny world before the beta closes and users need to wait until September to play again.

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There is still time to get the Xbox 360 or Xbox One Destiny beta, and PS3 and PS4 users are already far along in the process thanks to an added week of time on the Destiny beta.

Whatever console you use, there is a lot to do in the Destiny beta, but there are five things we thing every Destiny beta player should try before the Destiny beta ends this Saturday night.

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Don’t forget to play on Saturday at 2 PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern to unlock an exclusive emblem and a chance at some other surprises. For the last two days connection issues hampered progress for some gamers, as Bungie uses the beta to find and squash bugs and fine tune the services that allow you to stay connected to the Destiny world.

Read on for the five things you need to try before the Destiny beta ends.

Secret Caves & Crazy Bosses

If you explore through the world you’ll find caves with tons of loot and high level bosses that offer an insane challenge to gamers. These level 20 bosses are going to kill you in a few seconds, unless you bring some friends along to revive you and distract the enemies.

The Destiny beta video above shows how to find one of these caves, and explains how you may be able to get through the cave. The Destiny beta caps out at level 8 for players so it’s going to be tough to kill these bosses, but you can still explore.

Another video below shows another Destiny beta level 20 boss and a secret cave with loot. In this video you’ll see how to find and revive a dead ghost after running past a level 20 Ogre.

Make Multiple Characters

Take time to make another character before the Destiny beta ends.

Take time to make another character before the Destiny beta ends.

When you start playing the Destiny beta you probably flew through the character creation and selection process. Now that you had a chance to play, you should go back and make another character. Here are the three character classes.

  • TITAN – Armored Guardian that fights with strength and speed. Specials include a Smash to dissolve enemies and a Shield to protect yourself and allies.
  • HUNTER – Stalk and kill with precision as you silently sneak through levels. Specials include a flaming pistol that disintegrates the enemy with solar light and the ability to consume foes with lightning.
  • WARLOCK –  Control the universe to beat your enemies. Special powers include explosive bolts of Void Light and a boost to all of your abilities with Solar Light.

We recommend creating one of each to see how your play style is and which one you like the best. This time around you can also spend more time on the character creation to make an amazing looking character.

Team Up with Friends

The Destiny beta is designed to allow gamers to play essentially on their own, but it is best when you play with friends that are able to revive you and aid in the firefight.

Destiny beta firefights are more fun with friends.

Destiny beta firefights are more fun with friends.

On the main screen you can invite friends to your party and go up against the same levels and missions, but with more challenging enemies. Even exploring with friends is more fun than playing the Destiny beta alone.

Sparrow Tricks

Once you’ve played through the missions and are tired of multiplayer you can still have some fun with Sparrow tricks. The motorbike that looks like something a stormtrooper would ride is called a Sparrow. You can time the boosts to do flips and tricks.

The Destiny beta video above shows a lot of Sparrow tricks. While you can’t earn any achievements or trophies, it is a fun little trick for the Destiny beta.

Explore Upgrade Options and Vendors

When you play through the Destiny beta you’ll earn upgraded skills and better items. You need to go to the character options and select the upgrade to unlock jumping and shooting skills, otherwise they’ll just sit there waiting for you to initiate the upgrade.

Explore the tower to unlock new weapons and gear.

Explore the tower to unlock new weapons and gear.

You can also use this screen to equip new weapons and gear to improve your attack and your defense, as well as change the look of your character. You can change your weapons or gear while in the game, so you aren’t stuck with the same weapon during a firefight.

Finally, make sure you explore the Tower and visit vendors to unlock other weapons and upgrades using the loot and special items you find during the Destiny beta game play. Here’s a guide to the Destiny Tower complex.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. the_vicman006

    07/26/2014 at 4:23 pm

    I have been playing a lot of this game. So far what I like to do since there’s not many players online to play crucible I go to the tower, stand on any stuff including vendor’s huts and start to dance. DO NOT try on the handrail it’s embarrassing to transmit “vicman006 died” while on orbit.

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