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Destiny Beta Isn’t the Only Destiny Preorder Bonus (Video)



There is more to the Destiny preorder than Destiny beta access. While the Destiny beta is offline Bungie revealed a Destiny preorder bonus that delivers fast access to cool gear and weapons that should make Destiny a little more fun and a little easier when you take on high-powered enemies.

If you didn’t preorder Destiny already, you’re missing out on the Destiny beta, which is the biggest reason many users preordered the game. The Destiny beta is offline until July 23rd, but according to the Destiny beta schedule there are still several days of play left for users that preorder Destiny from a participating retailer.

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The Destiny beta schedule doesn’t outline exactly when the PS3 and PS4 Destiny beta starts again, but it could come at midnight Pacific based on the wording, and if not it should definitely be back by the 10 AM Pacific Xbox 360 and Xbox One Destiny beta start on July 23rd.

Check out the Destiny preorder bonus gear.

Check out the Destiny preorder bonus gear.

In addition to getting an early chance to play Destiny and snagging an exclusive emblem, and other rewards that Bungie isn’t ready to tell you about, gamers who order Destiny also gain access to the Vanguard Armory. This special Destiny preorder bonus offers access to the Vanguard Keep, where players will discover an armory full of weapons, gear and another emblem.

While you wait for the Destiny beta start up to arrive, check out the other Destiny preorder bonus in the video below.

When the Destiny release date arrives in September you’ll gain access to Roni 55-30, the Vanguard Quartermaster, who maintains a collection of select weapons for those who got in on the Destiny preorder.

Here is a quick look at some of the special Destiny preorder bonus weapons that are unlocked with the Vanguard Armory.

  • Singularity S.3 – Rifle tuned for precision fire – 60 Attack
  • 13098V Incognito – Sniper rifle with improved design tolerances – 60 Attack
  • Harbinger – Rocket Launcher – 60 Attack
  • Carte Blanch S.1 – Auto Rifle tuned for long-range – 60 Attack
  • SG Scattercast – Shotgun – 60 Attack
  • SK5 Type-Null – Fusion Rifle – 60 Attack
  • Peccadillo’s Grace – Hand Cannon – 60 Attack
  • BTRD-345 – Machine Gune – 60 Attack
  • Trifecta S.2 – Pulse Rifle tuned for long-range – 60 attack

The Vanguard Armory Destiny preorder bonus also includes gear to help you survive fights longer while you’re battling through the worlds of Destiny. Below we share a quick look at some of the Destiny preorder bonus gear that you’ll get./

  • Stratus White – Helmet – 33 Defense
  • Chroma White – Helmet – 32 Defense
  • Agema White – Helmet – 32 Defense

The Destiny pre-order bonus items help characters equip their character for battle better than a standard load out. This game relies on more character customization than a standard shooter, which is part of the appeal. By getting a Destiny pre-order you gain access to better weapons on release day, and if you do it now you also get in on the Destiny beta.

If you don’t want to order early you can always wait for these special Destiny preorder bonus items, but they will be exclusive to users who preordered until at least Fall 2015, so that’s a long wait.

Visit the Vanguard Armory if you use the Destiny pre-order to get special weapons and gear.

Visit the Vanguard Armory if you use the Destiny pre-order to get special weapons and gear.

The Destiny preorder bonus comes with any pre-order copy, including Destiny Special editions and is available from most retailers. If you want the Destiny beta preorder bonus as well you need to order from a select retailer like Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop or Walmart. Amazon is the best place to order for fast Destiny beta code delivery, as it will arrive within seconds of ordering.

The Destiny beta starts back up on July 23rd and ends at the end of the day on July 26th.

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