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Destiny Beta Maps Reveal Stunning Graphics



With just a week left before the Destiny Beta officially kicks off, developer Bungie is giving users an early look at the maps they’ll be taking down enemies on in the upcoming first-person shooter for the Xbox One and PS4.

Bungie partnered with gaming site IGN to release more about the maps users can expect in the Destiny Beta when it officially begins July 17th on the PS4. Each of the maps are completely different locations with their own set of advantages and disadvantages for players.


Players participating in the Destiny Beta will likely want to take a look around each level once they’re inside, mainly because they’re all set in places that players should be familiar with. As its name suggests, Moon’s First Light takes places on Earth’s singular rotating companion. There users will find that humans have turned the moon into a sort of wasteland. Mining and war have destroyed parts of the moon’s surface. Players will use Earth’s moon base to take shelter from opposing teams. The map is also covered in machine gun type weapons that overlook large vistas. Moon’s First Landing is absolutely huge so its possible users will be able to take a bit of a breather and plot strategy without having to immediately fend off attacks when they respawn.

Rusted Lands takes place inside ruins on what appears to be Earth. The map is actually what’s left of a rusted out building. Because of this there are plenty of brick stacks to hide behind for players. Hard core Destiny Beta players are going to want to keep their eye out for a long abandoned shaft that’ll l allow them to secretly move from one side of the entire map to the next. Rusted Lands is full of ledges and higher levels for users to jump on and take down enemies below.

Finally, Blind Watch is set on the only planet that Xbox One and PS4 owners are more familiar with than Earth itself: Mars. Again, players are in a sort of abandoned military base  The Martian landscape and sky look positively gorgeous. A fourth map set on Venus will also be included.

The same can be said about all three of the maps coming in the Destiny Beta. If these videos are indicative of what the final version of Destiny looks like users are in for a treat. Every area in the game has small details, like weathered walls and slightly dented pipe work. The lighting system in the game also helps make the three levels shown off here feel more alive.

Weapons specific to each map will be scattered throughout the Destiny Beta’s play world for users to collect and fight over. Small vehicles will also litter the landscape of these levels too.

Unfortunately, Destiny Beta players won’t get to use those vehicles and weapons in all the game’s play types. Lars Bakken, a lead designer for Bungie, notes in one of the videos that users can only expect the Control game type to be available during beta. Users who’ve played Capture the Flag in past Bungie games like Halo: Reach will find Control familiar.

Bungie and Destiny’s publisher, Activision, have already announced that PS4 users can expect the Destiny Beta to arrive on July 17th. The Xbox One version of the Destiny Beta won’t kick off until July 23rd, giving PlayStation owners a lot of time to get familiar with the game compared to their Xbox counterparts. Some sites are holding Destiny Beta code giveaways, but the only full-proof way to make it in is to pre-order a final copy of Destiny from a participating retailer like GameStop.

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Destiny launches on September 9th in the United States. When it does, it’ll be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. Although it has a lot of MMO elements, like detailed character customization, it won’t be available on Windows PCs.

Update: A fourth map set on Venus called Shores of Time will also be available during the Destiny Beta.




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