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Destiny: The Taken King Release Date Revealed



As video game publisher Activision indicated in its latest earnings call, there is a new Destiny expansion pack coming and it’ll be called Destiny: The Taken King.

Activision and video game developer Bungie announced the new Destiny: The Taken King expansion pack this afternoon at Sony’s E3 2015 press conference for the PS4. The Taken King is as huge as Activision said it would be in that earnings call and includes a ton of new features for serious lovers of the first-person shooter turned, massive online role-playing game will appreciate.

the taken king

The Taken King release date is set for September 15th. Bungie and Activision are promising new sub-classes for Destiny players in the Taken King. Titan Sunbreaker, Hunter Nightstalker and Warlock Stormcaller are among the upgrades coming in the expansion.

The Sunbreaker sub-class’ super ability is called the Hammer of Sol. With Hammer of Sol players are able to strike at foes with a hammer covered in fire. Members of the Nightstalker sub-class have a passive ability called Shadowshot that slows down enemies, softening them up for an attack. Stormcallers have the Stormtrance ability, which allows them to wield lightning.

To mix up game play even more The Taken King will include new weapons and powers and there’s an expanded story that fits in with the previous major Destiny updates. The Taken King’s promotional website only indicates that Oryx has “dark power beyond anything we’ve yet to face” is coming to take his revenge. Oryx, is the king that the expansion’s name hints at. He’ll command an army of his own, which Bungie calling The Taken. Oryx is coming to avenge the death of Crota.

The Destiny: The Taken King release date is September 15th, but Activision and Bungie are treating the game like a full-fledged new title in the series. A digital Destiny: The Taken King download is coming for $39.99. It’ll only include the expansion itself. Separately there are Destiny: The Taken King Legendary and Collector’s Edition versions coming. A boxed copy of Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition costs $59.99 and includes all of the previous content release for the game like Destiny: The Dark Below and Destiny: House of Wolves. Destiny: The Taken King – Collector’s Edition costs $79.99 and includes everything that the Legendary Edition does, plus a collector’s edition steelbook case, a Treasure Island book, notes from Cayde 6, plus relics and artifacts. This version of the game will also include some exclusive digital content, mainly three specific emotes for the new classes, armor shaders and new add-on XP bonuses complete with class items.

To be clear, Bungie says that the Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition is strictly for those who are new to the game. For current Destiny players, that digital download is going to be the best option. Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition and Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition are both available for pre-order beginning today at video game retailer GameStop. Besides physical versions of the game, the retailer is already taking pre-orders for digital downloads. Destiny: The Taken King is coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game too, though you can only pre-order digital copies of it from GameStop today.

Launched in September of last year, Destiny is the first game from Bungie since splitting away from Microsoft and leaving the much-loved Halo franchise behind. It’s roughly familiar territory for the studio; Destiny still uses first-person shooting mechanics. That being said, Destiny isn’t a single-player experience. Instead, it’s a massive online game that spans the entire solar system as we know it. Players are resurrected as Guardians and take part in multiplayer missions to earn new weapons, new armor and new abilities. Among online role-playing games it’s unique in that it isn’t available on anything else but a video game console.



  1. jake

    06/18/2015 at 5:23 pm

    I was kinda confused so the digital copy, does that mean you can buy a code from gamestop and then you just download the code or is it so you can buy it from the xbox 360 store?

    • Haven

      06/23/2015 at 7:13 pm

      We can’t know for sure yet. With house of wolves you couldn’t buy it from GameStop for PS3, you had to get a ps store card and buy it online.

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