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Detectives On The Hunt For Vista Disk Thrashing Culprit



ReliabilitymonitorAre you experiencing excessive hard drive thrashing under Vista? Folks have been complaining about and trying to track down the reason this occurs. There have been a number of suggestions for the culprit including Windows SuperFetch routines, SVCHost issues, excessive disk fragmentation and others. James Kendrick mentioned it awhile back in this post and more recently here. There’s a thread running in the GBM Forums on the same issue. Josh Einstein seems to be in on the hunt for the problem in the GBM Forum thread. While offering some suggestions he points to a new feature in Vista called the Reliability and Performanc Monitor which looks like a good tool for exploring problems like this. You can find it by searching the Start Menu. (Click on the thumbnail to the right to see a larger view.)

This is an issue that is puzzling quite a few folks, myself included, so it will be interesting to see what the detectives turn up.

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