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Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS Approve T-Mobile Merger



The T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger is officially approved by the boards of both Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile USA’s parent company) and MetroPCS, and will now move forward pending approval from government agencies.

T-Mobile announced the decision in a press release where it outlined some of the details of the agreement. The new company formed by T-Mobile and MetroPCS will carry the T-Mobile name going forward. After the deal T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate for their separate user groups.

T-Mobile Metropcs

The T-Mobile MetroPCS merger is approved.

Everyone that uses the new T-Mobile will benefit from a larger network after T-Mobile and MetroPCS combine their networks which use similar spectrum. We’re not sure what that means for CDMA MetroPCS users, but it could mean that T-Mobile will operate the network for some time before assimilating it into the GSM network.

Merging with MetroPCS also gives. MetroPCS already has 4G LTE deployed in a number of major markets. T-Mobile’s original plan was the begin 4G LTE rollout sometime next year, but not it will have a head start, assuming the deal goes through.

Deutsche Telekom will still own a majority of the new T-Mobile, and current T-Mobile CEO Jon Legere will remain in his position in the new company. The companies expect the approval to come sometime in the first half of 2013. Until then both companies will continu along their current paths.

Maybe this time T-Mobile’s merger plans will actually come true. The logistics of combining these two networks seems more difficult than combining T-Mobile and AT&T, but it will help T-Mobile remain a major carrier in the U.S.

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