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Developer Shows Off Scalability of MeeGo OS with In-Car Infotainment System



With talks about MeeGo in a smartphone, tablet, and netbook, it’s easy to forget that the embeddable and scalable operating system can appear in other places. The jointly designed OS between Nokia and Intel could also be used inside a car as an embedded OS to power in-vehicle infotainment systems that can monitor and track your vehicle, and provide entertainment and connectivity on the go. A developer has created an infotainment UI that’s optimized for touch in a moving vehicle as a demo for the power of MeeGo, which is showing off smooth transitions and its multitasking power in providing engine detail while being able to play back music and perform other tasks as needed.

As to the smartphone UI for MeeGo, Nokia is telling us it will be different from what we’re seeing on handsets today. The company hinted that it may follow Microsoft in creating a new and different user experience moving forward.

Via: The Nokia Blog (YouTube)

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