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DialKeys Gen 2 Available for Download



DialKeys Gen2 I got to spend some time with Steve of Fortune Fountain, the company behind Dialkeys. They have just released a beta of their new version of – DialKeys Gen 2. Here is a list of how they have improved DialKeys.

DialKeys Gen2 provides Windows XP and Windows Vista touch, thumb and pen devices with an interface for text input, 2 clicks email, Geo Tagged pictures snapping, instant access to location services, and many more features.

Easily enter text, numbers and symbols into documents, e-mail messages, or even a web browser address bar on pen or touch devices.
Use our task dedicated keyboards for surveys or even mobile scientific/financial computing.

Organize windows on a Desktop and navigate them effortlessly.
Handle computer functions, such as opening a media player, pausing/skipping mp3 files and controlling the volume of your computer speakers.
A large selection of ready-to-use skins adapts your mobile device to any scenario, which:

Gives DialKeys a specific combination of functions, look and feel fitting users’ taste and input needs.
Empowers the usability of the same device in various circumstances: in a car, on a plane, a surveyor at a construction site or simply at home on the coach.
Launch an Outlook Task simply in 2 clicks: E-mail, Contact, to do…
Picture Snapper Features: it transforms your UMPC into a portable camera powerhouse that has the capability of time and GPS tagging your photos and directly paste it into an open application in three clicks.

Take pictures and paste them directly into Documents (e.g. Live Writer, Word, …)
Snap pictures and upload them automatically to web or ftp sites.
Time and GPS stamps if enabled, are embedded in the snapped pictures.  This allows you to easily organize the photos on maps or on time lines, a feature travelers and surveyors are keen on.
GPS Locater Features: your UMPC has now an easy and convenient access to its GPS position as well as to the online location services.

Embed your current location’s GPS information into Documents:
Real Estate Agents: Insert the location of a property directly into your database as an URL, when inspecting it.
Surveyors:  Note the GPS position with one click into a spread sheet or any other kind of text based document/field. No need for specialty GIS software anymore for casual surveys.

With just 2 clicks, access major online maps as well as get direction and location services centered on your location.
DialKeys mode for Maxima:
Use a full fledged scientific mathematical software,  with the ergonomics of a standard scientific calculator  thanks to our custom interface.
Add our open source Financial library and enjoy an extensible financial calculator.

The DialKeys calculator modes’ are ideal for:

Students following a scientific or business curriculum.  Finally a computer that easily mixes with books, easy to take to the labs and with the ergonomic design of real calculators and not QWERTY keyboards.
Engineers who need and love the usability of the calculator with which they grew up with, but also want the computing power of a modern PC.
Anyone who is applying for loans or wants to figure out the best placement for his/her savings. Now you easily check on the spot, the real total revenues or cost, of what people propose to you.
Any Math or Financial enthusiast that wants to explore their ideas when on the go, and can test them on a powerful “Computer Algebra System” with a great interface (Honeycomb/Hexapad Skin).

I’m going to install this on my Samsung Q1P over the weekend and give it a try. Head over there and try it out.

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