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on and got new iPhone apps that will make it easier to order baby and household supplies. The new apps are a cut above other shopping apps because they allow users to shop while offline.

As a father of a newborn, I’ve found it challenging to keep the baby supply drawers properly stocked and I’ve already downloaded the app on my iPhone 4. Unfortunately, I haven’t found ‘sleep’ anywhere in the product catalog. I’d pay an arm and a leg for a few hours of that at this point.

The most unique feature of these apps is their offline functionality. Users can reorder baby supplies even when they’re offline. Unfortunately, 3G and WiFi signals aren’t everywhere you want to be when you remember you need something for the little one. While this isn’t a feature I’d hope to use on a regular basis, it would come in handy in plenty of locations where AT&T is sometimes MIA, such as the two grocery stores we frequent. The apps finish the order when the iPhone regains Internet service.

Like Red Laser, the and apps have a barcode scanner built in. This allos you users to build shopping lists and comparison shop while you’re at retail stores. and offer overnight or two-day shipping if you need items quickly. If you’re lucky enough to live in Manhattan, and can deliver the goods the same day they’re ordered.

You can download the free app here and the app here.

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