Didn’t Pre-Order an iPhone 4S? Get Up Early Tomorrow

If you didn’t pre-order a new iPhone 4S and you don’t want to wait a couple of weeks before you have it in your hands, you probably want to think about waking up early tomorrow morning. Why? Well, first of all, tomorrow is launch day for the new iPhone but more importantly, the iPhone 4S has sold out at every U.S. carrier according to Bloomberg.

We have done a check at each website and here is what we have found. Currently, AT&T shows shipping times of 21-28 days for all three models of the iPhone 4S. That means that if you ordered today, it would at the very least take over half-a-month to get to you.

Verizon is showing a delivery date of October 28th for all three models.

And Sprint, while completely sold out of the 16GB model, appears to have some 32GB and 64GB models in stock. However, I wouldn’t count on either of those reaching you on launch day.

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iPhone 4S

As for Apple itself, its website is again showing 1-2 week shipping times.

So, along with the people that were already planning on getting up early tomorrow, you’re going to have people that wanted to pre-order but couldn’t likely heading into stores tomorrow.

In short, tomorrow is going to be a long day and if you can’t remain patient, you’re going to want to show up bright and early.

If you’re looking for help about where to go tomorrow, head here to check out the various locations you can go to. There are quite a few.

As for those of you who have already pre-ordered, you may want to check on your order sometime today. Our own Josh Smith pre-ordered through Verizon only to have the carrier completely bungle it and he’s now being forced into heading to a Verizon store tomorrow in an attempt to pick one up.

(Side note: Josh wants all of you in Ohio planning on buying an iPhone 4S in a store tomorrow to stay home.)