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Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini Review



When the iPad mini runs out of power, the Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini kicks in with an 8000mAh battery housed in the cover of this folio-style case. It comes with micro-USB to female USB adapter. Plug in an iPad mini Lightning cable and keep using the iPad mini as the case charges up the battery. The case alone looks and functions nicely as a stand and folio case.

The company’s video below shows off the iPad case, but the details apply to the iPad mini version too, with one exception. It only comes with an 8000mAh battery, not a 12,000.

Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini Battery Functionality

The battery in the cover of the case gets its charge from the included USB power cable with a metal pin connector about the size of a headphone jack. The battery takes awhile to charge, so plug it in overnight.

props power case with charging cable

The connectors, power on/off button and charge indicator LEDs sit at the bottom of the front cover of the Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini ($79.95). Four LEDs show a charge of 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent and 25 percent. Connect the case to the iPad via the included adapter cable and the user’s own Lightning cable, since the case doesn’t come with one.

props power case charge LEDs

When the user plugs her own cable into the adapter, the two cables measure 45+ inches long. It’s awkward carrying the case around with that much cable hanging off the case. We used a 12cm CableJive Lightlinez XS lightning cable ($18.95), which makes the cable more manageable.

props power case with lightening cable

We wish the manufacturer would include a cable that connects the battery directly to the Lightning connector on the iPad mini to get rid of the long cable hanging off the case. Better still, build the connector directly into the case so we don’t need any wires except while charging the case’s battery.

Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini Case Functionality

props power case open

The Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini looks nice and feels like it’s made from good quality material that won’t wear out quickly. The case’s protective features include:

  • Double layer on back
  • Battery layer on the front with rubber inside lining to protect the screen
  • Four rubber grooves that hug the iPad mini’s four rounded corners

props power case inside

The rubber lining inside the front cover also holds the case in stand mode at any angle the user wishes. The case design gives the user access to all ports, buttons and the camera.

props power case stand

If the case didn’t house a battery it would still make a nice iPad mini case. The lighter weight would make it more enjoyable to use.


props power case side

We like the Digital Treasures Props Power Case for iPad mini. It won’t house our iPad mini permanently, but we’ll keep it around for long days, like traveling or marathon meetings. If that describes a person’s typical work day, then they should pick one a Props Power Case for iPad mini from Digital Treasures today.

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